Corporate Innovator

Successful corporations replicate and optimize lucrative strategies, while disruptive changes loom. Innovation notwithstanding, incentives are somehow laid in other directions. Corporate innovators must solve for this shortcoming - using breakthrough methods.

appUgo™ offers corporate innovators a unique tool, speeding up the process of “Lean Startup”. Our technology enables you to Build, Measure, Learn - cost efficiently and in rapid succession - so you can iterate and pivot, perfecting your product.

Our infrastructure, tools, and knowhow are geared towards Corporate Innovation Centers, Advertising agencies, who wish to deploy and test mobile solutions, from initial phase to production.

Services for Startups


Realize user personae, customer journeys, and functional flowBuild wireframes for screens, buttons, actionsEmulate front end apps


iPhone* and Android apps
Up to 10 functional screens
iQuery mobile theme UI
FB or LN connect (open or restricted) Hosted backend: db & logics
Up to 100,000 users
All actions are logged

Standalone backend

Accessible from web and mobile apps Million of users per server
Big data schemes