Eli Swed


Software professional with 15 years of hands-on IT, mobile apps experience. Eli is the developer of appUgo revolutionary technology - cutting backend development time by 95%.

Ariela Swed


ERP expert and business administrator with vast startup experience: from data back-office and community management, to social spread and general buzz. Ariela is responsible for the growth management, load balancing, and day to day operations at appUgo

Yael Nathan

UX/I Consultant

UX designer specializing in mobile devices UI/GUI with over 13 years experience in the field. Has over 30 titles on various platforms out on the market.

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Meeting an investor? want to show him real traction and metrics instead of a presentation?
Full hybrid iPhone/Android apps package in 30 business days: including a product specs document, mockup, design, hosted server. Dramatcily low fix price. Contact us today!


Need to put a quick backend to support your mobile app, or deploy an end to end solution QUICK? we can help: Our Backend as a service, and rapid front-end development tools enables unprecedented speed for MVPs, Prototypes, A/B testing - all complete with stats ready server. Contact us today!

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